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About Rapid Integrated Solutions

Our business was founded by listening to the needs heard from the shop floor, install teams, and project managers. Coupling their requests with code compliances and technological advancements, we have ensured smooth-running projects for both the shop and the PE's (Professional Engineers) reviewing them.

After years of providing engineering services to the industry, we were met with additional requests to provide turn-key solutions to our customers. To meet that need, we added fabrication to our provided services. 

Located in Greenville, Michigan, we pride ourselves on hiring from the local community to help us continue to meet the needs of our growing customer base. 

Founded in 2016

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Our Process

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Need help from a professional? Permit documents, PE seals, IBC or OSHA (or any letter combination) compliance? We've got it covered.

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Drafting 3D

Attention to detail is our motto as we provide easy-to-read shop floor documents and files for CNC production equipment.


Our team of experienced fabricators utilize the prints to create solid, dependable, finished products.

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Delivery / Installation

Whether you're across the country and need your product delivered, or across the state and need it installed, we can help.

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Redefining Industry Standards 
With the Highest Quality

Get Professional Assistance on your next project.

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